Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and we comply with the Data Protection laws applicable to the UK. Details of how we collect, use and disseminate your personal data is described below:-

The data we collect about you

  1. Platinum Recruitment Services Ltd obtains personal data about you that you submit when you complete an application and submit your curriculum vitae ("CV") This personal information includes data such as your telephone number, name, address, e-mail address, fax number, personal service company details, unique personal identifiers, financial information such as bank account or building society details together with current, and past work details and requirements, as well as future ones.
  2. We also obtain information about you when we take up references from past employers/clients before putting you forward to our recruiting clients. We are a member of REC ( and abide by their code of conduct. We therefore take up references on you. Such references may provide us with details of criminal records, previous employment or like information.
  3. Information is only retained and used in a lawful, fair and relevant way in order to match you with internal vacancies within Platinum Recruitment Services Ltd Ltd.
  4. We may also record and store any telephone calls you have with our staff for record keeping and quality control purposes.
  5. In order to ensure that the data we hold is accurate and current, we ask you to update your registration details and CV as often as is necessary and recommend at least every 3 months. Our service to you is reliant on you supplying us with accurate and complete information about you and your requirements via your application, CV, certificates, references, skills analysis, and talking to our consultants.
  6. During discussions with Platinum Recruitment Services Ltd we may amend your details to better reflect your skills and working history. It is incumbent that you check your details for accuracy and inform us as soon as possible of any inaccuracies so that we may correct them.
  7. Your Internet Protocol address may be stored to assist in the diagnosis of problems with our server and/or used in order to identify your requirements. We may use cookies (persistent, or session client side information) to store non-personal information.

How we process your data.

  1. Your personal data will be stored in our database in our UK based data processing centre.
  2. We analyse your application, CV and other such information you supply about yourself to obtain key data such as skills, disciplines and experience. Such data will be used for matching purposes for internal opportunities.
  3. All data stored on our database is available to our internal recruitment team who take requirements from each of our divisions. Such searches will use key data such as discipline, availability, qualifications, location, Industry knowledge, skills, experience and salary / remuneration requirements. The Site allows the recruitment team to prioritise individuals according to the quality of the match with the requirements. We then select the appropriate candidates for interview. The selection process also takes into account any extra knowledge we have about you or the specific preferences of the division.

Your Legal Data Protection Rights

  1. You have the right to request a copy of the information held by us about you in our records in return for the payment of a small fee. You also have the right to correct any inaccuracies in the information and various other data subject rights under the UK Data Protection laws.

Security Policy

  1. Platinum Recruitment Services Ltd staff and the Site administration staff contracted to Platinum Recruitment Services Ltd are the ONLY parties to have access to your personal details save as set out above.
  2. We carry out a comprehensive evaluation of all new organisations wanting to use our placement services in most instances we have had a client visit and have met them, before sending them any details of our candidates. This evaluation also includes checks on the financial status of the organisation and related companies. Only organisations that meet our requirements are accepted as recruiting organisations.